2018 Over The Edge

Help Me Support our SOMO Athletes!
Help Me Support our SOMO Athletes!

Team John

Some Say We Need Help!!!

Many still tell me that I'm crazy to walk off the edge of a 16-story building. Perhaps so, but Special Olympics is easily that important to me.

My faith comes from direct experience. I coach two sports (Snowshoeing and Bocce) and play a third (Golf) as my son's Unified Partner. My son John has been a Special Olympics athlete since he was 8-years-old. I know firsthand how important Special Olympics is to our athletes.

In addition, on June 1, my wife Shelly became Area Director for Special Olympics MD - Montgomery County (SOMO), and I became Treasurer. In effect, SOMO has become our family business! :-)

We Do Need Help!!!

Special Olympics is always free to the athletes. Keeping it free keeps it accessible. Most athletes have few financial resources. Yet it is not free to provide and that is where you can help!

This year, BOTH Shelly and I will go OVER THE EDGE for Special Olympics! We are competing to see which of us can raise the most for SOMO.

All proceeds from our descents will go to support the Special Olympics Athletes of Montgomery County.

Thank you for supporting TEAM JOHN!  As the clear underdog in this contest (Shelly, as Area Director, has all the advantages). please help me support our athletes (AND upset the favorite) by supporting Team John's descent!

Use the DONATE NOW button to support Team John.

If you want to go Over The Edge yourself, use the JOIN TEAM button to join Team John and then solicit donations for your own descent.

Thank you for your support of our Special Olympics Athletes. I hope that many of you can join Shelly and I and watch our descent on November 3rd!

For more information on Special Olympics Maryland and other ways to support, please visit www.somd.org

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