Are you BRAVE enough to rappel down 16 stories in support of Special Olympics Maryland?

September 30, 2017

 2 Bethesda Metro Center

Bethesda, MD 20814

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We are challenging you to be as courageous as the 7,549 athletes of Special Olympics Maryland and face a brand new obstacle -- rappelling down 16 stories in Bethesda, MD! 

Just imagine; stepping over to the very edge of a building, looking down, and having the realization that you’re facing your fears head on. Then, adrenaline takes over and next thing you know you’re having the thrill of a lifetime rappelling down the side of a 16 story building. Over The Edge is certainly the most thrilling and unique fundraiser for Special Olympic Maryland. We are looking for 92 of our bravest fans to rise to the challenge of raising $2,000 in support of our 7,549 Special Olympics Maryland athletes and rappelling 16 stories! Everyone involved will have the chance to prove they’re Brave in the Attempt and go outside of their comfort zone all while having fun and supporting a good cause! Everyday our athletes have to be Brave, now it’s your turn!

Over the Edge will allow you to work alongside a professional team to assist you the entire way down. No prior rappelling experience is required.

*Edgers MUST weigh between 110 to 300 lbs.*


Win Your Spot To Go Over The Edge for Special Olympics Maryland!

Enter the raffle and you could be one of 6 lucky winners who will take on 16 stories of 2 Bethesda Metro Center in support of the 7,549 athletes of Special Olympics Maryland!  The raffle will close 



Raffle Details:  

Must be enter by Tuesday, September 26th at 10pm

Winners will be announced on Wednesday, September 27th

Winners will have the option to select their rappel date of either 9/29 or 9/30

Must be enter by Tuesday, September 26th at 10pm


Toss Your Boss!

Has your boss ever pushed you over the edge? Well now is your chance to return the favor!  You and your co-workers can raise the funds to send your boss Over The Edge for Special Olympics Maryland!  When your organization raises at least $2,000, you can send your boss, coach, teacher or team leader Over The Edge!


Ready to nominate your boss? Complete this quick survey and our team will help you get your boss to the roof and Over The Edge for Special Olympics Maryland!

The More You Raise The More Everyone Wins!

$2,000 gets you a spot on the roof but what if you could have a personal photographer capture your whole rappel?  You Can!

Check out these Fundraising Incentives to learn how you can earn a professional photographer and more!